Alison Marchant-Jones MIT. CV

Qualifications and relevant experience to date

I qualified as an AIT in 1988 and graduated to become an MIT in 1991 and I continue be in clinical practice.

Trichologists are recognised by the following designations:

Associate of the Institute of Trichologists, awarded following a four year course of study.

MIT: Member of the Institute of Trichologists, awarded following a further three years in clinical practice

FIT: Fellow of the Institute of Trichologists, awarded following an exceptional achievement relevant to the field of Trichology

I diagnose and treat a diverse range of hair and scalp disorders. These can be very simple problems like an itchy, dandruffy scale to an extremely scaly sticky type of scale.

Hair loss of any type is a very common for me to see and occurs in men, women and children of any age for a variety of reasons. I like to think that I get to the "root"of the problem to discover often with the help of the patient's GP, why the condition is happening in the first place and work from that point to effect either a remedy or an improvement.

I came to Trichology from a hairdressing background. As well a working in hairdressing salons through the years I gained a Certificate in Education teaching qualification and worked as a college lecturer teaching students all aspects of hairdressing, theoretically and practically.

Expert Witness

I also work in the capacity of an expert witness. This involves compiling reports for use in a court of law.

Typical cases I have reported on:

A female with Afro-Caribbean hair who suffered severe damage to her hair and scalp during a hairdressing relaxing process.

 A female with European hair who suffered extreme breakage and hair loss because the extensions she had were incorrectly applied.